About Us

Killarney Celtic Jewelry is a family run celtic jewelry shop in the south of Ireland in the beautiful town of Killarney, Co.Kerry, Ireland. We source and design traditional celtic jewelry from mostly local artists but all the jewelry is made in Ireland.

While the premises on 24 main st, has been a jeweler shop for over 120 years the shop is currently run by local Kerryman Rory Giles, who had been involved in the jewelry business both in Killarney and the Aran islands for over 25 years. The shop now specializes in sourcing unique Irish made and designed celtic jewelry.
The jewelry design is inspired by local landscapes, legends, and traditions and where most of the jewelry is very traditional local artists like Paul Kelly have added to the shops collection by coming up with the ‘ring of Kerry collection’ which is a modern offering to compliment the traditional jewelry in our shop.