Connemara Jewelry – Ireland's Ancient Gemstone

Found only in Connemara, near Galway, Connemara marble holds multifaceted depths. Here at Killarney Celtic Jewelry, it remains one of our most enduringly popular collections. This uniquely Irish stone has been created over 900 million years of the earths geology. Also known as “Irish green”, this beautiful gem represents Irish identity, and speaks of a special culture steeped in heritage but holding contemporary sparkle. Here are our top picks from our Connemara marble range...

Connemara Marble Ring

Hand made here in Ireland, this design was created here at Killarney Celtic Jewelry. Set in finest sterling silver, this is a special piece that will look fantastic on any wearer. Ancient Connemara marble contrasts with bright metal work to create a ring that effortlessly fuses classic and contemporary. The perfect gift for a loved one with treasured Irish memories; or simply a beautiful and stylish ring featuring a rare and precious gemstone.

Connemara Silver Round Earrings

Featuring a contemporary circular design, these delicate sterling silver earrings are also nickel free. Simple enough for everyday wear, they could also dress up an evening outfit, or compliment relaxed weekend ensembles. A beautiful way to carry a little piece of Ireland with you, wherever you go!

Tear Drop Connemara Pendant

This statement piece is a stunning celebration of this unique Irish stone. Hand crafted in Killarney, the rare Connemara marble is set in elegant sterling silver, and hangs on a fine 18 inch chain. A necklace with genuine “wow” factor, it comes in a beautiful presentation box, making it perfect for gifting (even to yourself!).




Pendant with Square and Two Round Stones

Another piece that fuses ancient stone with contemporary design, this pendant speaks of artistic Irish heritage and master craftsmanship. Two circular marble disks contrast against finely wrought metal work, and hang from a superb 18 inch silver chain. Featuring eye-catching shapes set in classic sterling silver, this necklace has been worked by Ireland's expert jewelry creators, and is sure to become an inheritance piece.


Connemara Pendant

This classic pendant design features Connemara marble surrounded by an intricate Irish knot, traditionally symbolising eternity and spiritual unity. A piece that speaks of a deeply Irish identity, celebrating myth, legend and heritage, all in a design that retains contemporary sparkle. This is a necklace with enduring appeal - a gift to accompany a loved one throughout life, or a special reminder for yourself of your spiritual journey or Irish roots.

Connemara marble is a truly unique Irish product. It represents our wild Irish landscapes, the depth of our history, and the multi-faceted gleam of our myths and legends. Here at Killarney Celtic Jewelry our collection brings together the very finest Connemara marble pieces. We are experts in superb Irish jewelry, made with historical expertise and modern flare. A family business steeped in Irish tradition, and infused with contemporary sparkle, we are the place to discover perfect gifts and stunning statement pieces of Irish craftsmanship.


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