The Celtic Tree of Life – An Ancient Irish Symbol

Ireland is steeped in myth, legend, and history. The influence of Celtic stories and symbols is still felt in the contemporary world, and nowhere more so than in jewelry making. Here at Killarney Celtic Jewelry, we find that one of the most enduring symbols is that of the Tree of Life. Featuring a positive message of rebirth and renewal, this iconic image is ever popular across our fine jewelry ranges. Here we explore the origins and meaning of this beautiful symbol...

The Celts

The Celtic peoples arrived in Ireland from central Europe around 500BC. Their culture spread rapidly across Ireland, creating a treasure trove of ancient monuments. Although the original Celtic culture was modified by the arrival of Christianity in 400AD, the influence of their distinctive style endured, and resonates in the modern day.

The Celtic Tree Of Life

The Irish Tree of Life is known as the Crann Bethadh. Trees were central to the Celtic world, providing a focus for worship, as well as many practical uses, from shelter to fuel and medicine. The cutting down of trees was considered to be a crime.

The Symbol

The Tree of Life represents many ideas, but is ultimately a holistic interpretation of the world. It shows the link between the earth and the heavens, humans and nature; the never-ending intertwining of the cycle of life. The seasonal nature of our native trees brings with it the idea of the seasons of life – in the autumn, the leaves must fall, and the tree appears dead, but in the spring, new life will return. Thus the image conjures positive thoughts of rebirth, hope, and the possibility of renewal. Trees were seen by the Celts as guardians of the spirit world, and also represent longevity, wisdom and strength.

Our Tree Of Life Jewelry Collection

Given the depth and beauty of its symbolism, it is not surprising that the Tree Of Life is an enduringly popular theme with jewelry makers. Here at Killarney Celtic Jewelry, we are proud to feature some superb examples in our collection.

Tree of Life with Circle

This sterling silver Tree of Life is delicately wrought, its branches echoing Celtic knot designs that emphasise the eternal nature of the symbol. Balancing fine contemporary design with a deep understanding of the traditional themes being represented, this piece is a future classic. 

Tree of Life Earrings

Once again, this design features branches that echo the traditional Celtic knots found in ancient texts such as The Book Of Kells. This strong link to Irish heritage is perfectly balanced by the smooth and elegant lines of these earrings, which will compliment any outfit. 

Sterling Tree Of Life Silver Pendant

This beautiful pendant matches the Tree of Life earrings, and could be purchased alongside them to create a complete set. Representing all of life, the balance and cycle of all things, this statement piece makes a perfect gift, or a wonderful spiritual reminder for yourself. 

Here at Killarney Celtic Jewelry we are proud to combine Irish tradition with contemporary innovation, to create collections that celebrate both ancient and modern. Explore our jewelry to discover more beautiful Irish symbols and find gifts and treats for every style.

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